hiya. In case you were not aware we are currently not updating this DtWT blog. All the current news about events and auctions etc can be found at www.drawtheworldtogether.com Take a trip there and sign up. Its easy and it means you will automatically get all the latest news.

See you there.

To make life easier for us and you and all involved with Draw the World Together we have moved.
All our activities can now been seen HERE. It all looks pretty much the same but you will have a chance to sign up, sign in and start participating in the discussion.

See you there.

Draw the World Together is an organisation that has been created to unite arts communities in providing possibilities for children who do not have the opportunity for basic healthcare and education.


Sketch Gallery

an online gallery of the many sketches done by artists at our NC Soft sponsored events

Ever wanted to sport that amazing Draw the World Together logo on your shirt?
Ever wanted a cool bag to carry all those amazing sketches by the world leading comic book artists?
Well now you can. We have set up two slightly different DtWT shops with slightly different items. Check them out HERE
and HERE